Coinbase Advanced Expands Perpetual Futures Trading to Non-US Jurisdictions

Coinbase has announced tremendous news for retail traders all over the world with their newly-introduced opportunity to engage in perpetual futures trading on Coinbase Advanced, the specialized platform just for them. Beginning October 18th, traders get to utilize USDC as the chosen currency to place their bids on four different types of contracts covering Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and XRP. Each contract also offers instances of leverage up to 5x — except for the latter offering up to 3x, per the estimable inform found on the Coinbase blog. Regarding the forefront of digital asset futures, Coinbase relayed that “only a few trusted players exist in the global crypto derivatives market that provide the security and transparency that crypto traders need to trade with confidence.” As part of Coinbase’s International Exchange, customers of Coinbase Advanced may access the perpetual futures contracts befitting these regulated requirements. Another Plus to participants is the Special offer given by PrimeXBT which grants them up to $7,000 when signed up with the code CRYPTOPOTATO50.

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