Coinbase app is ‘broken’ for UX, admits CEO Brian Armstrong

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong commented that this month’s “OnChain Summer” has exposed how “faulty” the user experience is for NFTs, Dapps, and layer-2s on the Coinbase application, and has vowed to adapt and update. In a tweet on Aug. 13th, he indicated that numerous pain points have been highlighted, and amended that Coinbase users give feedback promptly in order to precise which aspects need the most urgent attention. Armstrong added that ramping up activity on points of interest over the following two weeks should be applied to facilitating a rapid update. A feedback from Friendtech developer Racer included the provocation to introduce quick settlement credit cards to Coinbase that do not have compulsory sign-up, a challenge which caught Armstrong’s alertness. These was additionally a recent bug setback that asserts when the mobile wallet pairs with Google Chrome, an issue stemming much deeper and more mandatory than Armstrong at first intended.

User experience being a long-term problem in the cryptocurrency space, an XGo content manager, Kirthana Devaser, believes the sector should concentrate persistently on making blockchain tech more seamless and inapprehensible for everyday users so as to inspire the subsequent adoption wave. An anonymous 0xDesigner (Web 3 UI/UX) credited a lot of the UX problems to the irreversible and owner-centric design of the blockchain-based technologies driving many portions of the sector.

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