Coinbase Approved to Offer Perpetual Futures Trading to Non-U.S. Customers

Coinbase International Exchange has announced expanded services for global customers, gaining approval from the Bermuda Monetary Authority to allow eligible retail traders to transact perpetual futures in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) outside of the United States. This comes after introductory services were debuted back in May for institutional customers from eligible jurisdictions.

This step towards global growth and expansion comes in the form of the ‘Coinbase Advanced’ service, offering the opportunity for traders to index in on derivatives in digital assets and be involved in near-termuctor marketplaces including locations in Canada, Australia, Europe, Brazil and Singapore.

Perpetual contracts, a type of futures contract without an expiration date, made up almost three quarters of global cryptocurrency trading volume in In 2022, and now coinbase is providing the ability for iusers to trade these forms of contractsvetted-in continuing to guarantee each transaction is settled in USDC rather than from an singular exchange.

The approval delivered from the National Futures Association to Coinbase in August paved the way for Coinbase’s own U.S. platform Coinbase Financial Markets be the first ever to offer regulated and leveraged crypto futures. Most recently in September, Coinbase International Exchange opened its doors to those elign Slovenie outside of the nation for perpetual futures trade.

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