Coinbase CEO: “worst-case scenario” Cardano (ADA) and 12 Others Will Be Delisted

Coinbase, with CEO Brian Armstrong being at the helm, are facing the grave prospect of delisting up to 13 cryptocurrency movements as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched a lawsuit that claims those digital tokens, that make up merely a fraction of the 240 assets listed on the trading platform, are unscrupulously sold on the platform. Armstrong elucidated the worst-case scenario for delisting the tokens, among them Cardano (ADA), but allotted that there would be minimal influence on company’s income as well as declared that won’t cause of insolvency of Coinbase. Armstrong opposed the notion that the company will likely relocate to any crypto- optimistic locations amidst continuous regulatory study inside the United States furthermore that Coinbase have no arrangement for such an alais instead of following the situation which has provoked speculation alleging the company’s procured contract given to them in Bermuda.

The case at fist looks multi-purpose loss for Coinbase which has often shown its predisposition to increase the growth rate of the market. Now, all of these pronouncements by Brian Armstrong illustrate that the company is determined to wade out and remain in the US boundaries regardless delisting some of the leading token on its platform, specially Cardano (ADA) and the mess of its other projects. However, nobody prognostic what deep-water would consequence, and likely this case will come up with a favorable solution or the restrictions won’t be denied on those tokens after all. Ideologists should stay updated of the risks and counsult their financial instructor to search after the appropriate way

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