Coinbase Co-Founder Offloads $13M In Shares, ARK Invest Reduces Holdings

Coinbase Global Inc. Co-founder Fred Ehrsam and ARK Investment have collectively unloaded a staggering $14 million worth of COIN shares during just the past 48 hours. These shocking figures are based off of SEC filing documents, with Ehrsam supplying the near $13.5 million of this reported ammount. Just one week prior to this, Ehrsam disclosed thepreviqous 81,530 shares that were put in motion due to an earlier adopted trading plan(August 2023). Cathie Wood’s Ark Investment shifted over a cool $1.5 million of COIN shares,specifically 10,933, accountig for 0.0185% of the ARKK ETF. Additionally, Ark sold-out $100 million in COIN shares in white December,specifically 335,860 shares, racking up 49.2 million for the fund thus far. Under the username Orlando,nee X,Ehrsam has sold-out 13 million in those two weeks, for which he grqabbed 1.9 million esteems residing to $135 million in May of 2023.

The Tuesday edition of coronavirus video meetings decidedly had it’s rechargment, however COIN-shares hit a particular hiccup. Afterwards Rockets of up 1.1% dedression to $139.62, eleminating any hope of an uplift for later profit regain goals.

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