Coinbase Verifications Feature Launched To Enhance Blockchain Security

Coinbase Cloud has further continued its effort to strive for security and ease of usage for its users by leveraging the Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS). This open source solution is a public and composable solution crafted to meet a streamline end-user experience while still maintaining top-tier security. The feature provides Coinbase-verified on-chain attestations, granting access for its users to enterprise applications, airdrops, quests, social apps, and gaming platforms. In effect, Coinbase Cloud makes securing these transactions much smoother, faster, and more reliable.

At its core, Coinbase Cloud holds users’ needs in the highest regard. Focusing on its signature Wallet as a Service, Coinbase Cloud makes blockchain infrastructures available and accessible to business of levels of intern blockchain proficiency, helping bridge over different gaps by providing its users with a straightforward interface that facilitates applications installation, wallet and network communication.

Recently, Coinbase Cloud Ethereum (ETH) division integrated Kiln’s On-Chain Staking platform, allowing staking allowance in much smaller denominations as oppose to the hefty 32 ETH requirement of Ethereum’s 2.0 staking. As a whole, incorporating EAS into Coinbase Cloud’s universe of services calls out as a step towards the enhancement of user experience and faith.

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