Coinbase’s Much-Hyped Base Blockchain Draws Modest $10M of Inflows on Day One

The launch of Coinbase’s (COIN) Base blockchain was greeted by relatively muted inflows of capital on day one, to the disappointment of crypto traders who had anticipated considerable capital infusions. According to figures from a Dune Analytics dashboard, $10 million was transferred into the blockchain over the course of the most recent 24 hours. Out of that, $5.6 million came in the form of ETH, $2.3 million was in USDC, and the remaining capital represented other cryptocurrencies.

Analysis indicates that, on average, Base users spent between $500 and $1,000 in transferring ETH. One wallet in particular, designated as “0xcc…1763”, added up to $17 million’s worth of assets. This introduction marked the commencement of activities related to the Bloomberg-reported first runnings by a into the blockchain zone a publicly-listed corporation.

The relatively subdued opening to Base can potentially be explained by the outward dissemination of knowledge related to a developers’ deposit address, which informal users utilized as window of opportunity to deposit ETH seeking the often spectacular rewards seen in meme-coins like BALD (4,000,000% rise before abrupt deflation). Users funneled a total of over $68M in ETH to Base in less than two days.

Ramping up user activity and monetization potentials is high on the mental ledgers of Coinbase Bureaucrats — and this aim is namely their ‘On-chain Summer’ event, a mainnet celebration that features 50 clientele brands (including Coca-Cola). At the same, the firm wants to drive users to the Base by offering free NFTs tokenized to signify the platform’s debut. Until now, Ethereum search engine Etherscan shows that numbers tallying over 125,000 have minted some 30 million of these customary collectibles.

Though small-scaled projects like spiked meme coins may seduce novice investors, will they decide to not inhabit the battlefields of Base anyhow? A fine eye should uphold vigil here.

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