Cool Cats NFT Joins Reddit’s Gen 4 Collectible Avatars Drop

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On Monday, July 26th, Reddit is set to release their fourth generation of collectible avatars – titled ‘Retro Reimagined’. This comes as the collective avatars, powered by Polygon, reach 18+ million sales, over 14 million holders, and a grand market cap of $60.88 million dollars. Cool Cats NFT is amongst one of the leading creators contributing works to the drop, which kicks off at 3:00 PM EST.

In addition to the new generation of collectible avatars, Reddit is making further changes to their digital collectibles shop, enhancing their model by providing collectors with more tools for customisation. Moving unto prior releases, the third generation that launched in April of this year managed to rack up 6.58 million mint sales and reached a collective of $3.386 million.

Generations prior have added up – since July 2022, Reddit’s collectible avatars priced at $33.65 million dollars in total goods, raking in $10 million in less than three months of initiation.

Signs show viable progression locally, exemplified by last week’s significant Ethereum spike during NFT sales and trades. OpenSea reigns with the most number of trades, while Blur claims sales volume supremacy.

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