Cross-Chain Wallet Bitkeep Renamed Bitget Wallet After Acquisition

Bitget, a popular Asian Pacific wallet, took its cross-chain bridging capabilities to the next level in August when the crypto exchange launched the Bitget Swap mechanism within its ecosystem. Using the connection, customers of the crypto exchange can access $360 million spread across 6,500 Bitcoin, 120 million Tether, and 40 million USD Coin – all for added protection against potential security issues. This marked the first such watershed decision by any exchange in the region after FTX collapsed in November, laying the groundwork for Bitget’s $300 million relief fund soon thereafter. This has proved to be a lucrative decision for both, as recent reports state that the business has realized a $60 million appreciation in capital due to a Bitcoin price recovery.

To ensure the safety and security of this bridge amidst the volatile world of cryptocurrency, the Bitget Wallet gets its cross-chain bridging capabilities rigorously audited by third-party security chapels, namely SlowMist and CertiK, before installation. The exclusive elements of Bitget does not stop there however, with an ever-improving record after, following a malwret attack that drained user wallet’s of $8 million last December. This was settled through victims being compensated the same amount without hassle through March 29th.

The Bitget Wallet has seemingly been welcomed with open arms by users around the region, with reported stats revealing that the wallet has now surpassed 10 million customers, nearly double in size to MetaMask’s users. Treading along a similar path, KuCoin, OKX, and Binance have also set up their own self-custody wallets.

For added customer convenience, a host of payment option have also been enabled ripe for the picking, removing the need to manually trade or goto additional avenues. Options include Banxa, Simplex, Alchemy Pay, MoonPay, and FaTPay – all allowing a variety of ways to purchase cryptocurrency straight to the wallet such as credit cards, Google Pay, and most recently Apple Pay.

Without a doubt, these efforts have shown a perseverance towards customer flexibility – something Bitget delivers an inexhaustive amount of through its diverse capabilities. By laying out the welcome mat across 100 decentralized exchanges across 20 Blockchain, this peer-to-peer marketplace delivers timely security measures to deliver top-end trust and customer satisfaction established from both ends.

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