Crypto Bear Reveals Biggest Altcoin Short Position As the Markets Take a Breather

A prominent cryptocurrency trader has officially announced the smallest asset in his portfolio, hinting that Binance Coin (BNB) could experience a dramatic decline in the near future. The nameless investor recently went public with their reported 66,325 Telegram users that their biggest short position – a bet placed to anticipate falling prices – is against Binance Coin (BNB) – highlights about the price fluctuations of BNB assets using the Elliott Wave Theory.

By looking at the investor’s chart, it has reportedly for BNB to dip down its first price target to $125, whose plunge would be more than 48% – from its current price of $241 at the time of this writing. Moving forward, the issuer is expecting a plunge on its latest mention Solanas (SOl) that whereas it missed the break of $30, going instead for $25.36, depicting a 3.4% rally during the last 24-hours..

Next up the crypto bear placed its mark upon the renowned Bitcoin (BTC) movement seeing a Weakness Sign displaying an imminent break to the not so desired southwards path which the Wyckoff Method of technical analysis – used to identify the level of demand for an asset and thereby infer its potential price direction scenarios of trading.

Find presence of BTC at a $30,027 value, with an bearish sided behavior

of 1.1% approximately the past seven days for now.

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