Crypto: Blockchain Gaming Received $297 Million Funds in July

The crypto-based blockchain gaming industry saw huge investments during the month of July, seesmingly out of nowhere. DappRadar reported a $297 million cash infusion, a massive increase from a hardly flattering June, where only $68 million was invested – a satisfaction rate of 336.7%. Interestingly, however, July’s numbers still didn’t match the highs of the months before June. March, April and May clocked in $400 million in investment. Blockchain applications, or Dapps, continue to overlook other corners of the industry, with blockchain gaming making up 41% of the sub-sector and 712,611 daily active users. From the survey of money taken in it looks like 63% of funding was ploughed into the solid infrastructure of gaming, while the rest – $110 million – into Gaming itself and Metaverse initiaties.

These signs (of stability, as far as the industry is concerned) perhap point to one scenario; a Betton repeat of the web3 push into the mainstream. Though worth over $66B already, blockchain gaming must edge closer to $300 billion by 2030 if it is to become the industry all the gamers know and love. What are at the moment the most popular crypto gaming titles? WAX maybe needs checkering, with 300,325 Daily unique Active Wallets logged in July, closely followed by BNBwith a nice 108,311 DUAW. Fitness/Movement-based games, the ‘sweat-to-earn’ companies, are

certainly enduring a sort of renaissance with Sweat Economy leading with over 730,000 monthly user traffic, and hugely successful stalwarts like Super Walk, Alien Worlds, Splinterlands, Upland, Farmers World and Axie Infinity solidifying their position.

Partner at VC shop Bitkraft Ventures, Carlos Pereira, breaks up the party somewhat, telling potential sharpreneurs that the minimal rate of fluctuation in investment numbers each month might be misinterpreted, or simply a combination of sample size and time immlapressionncality. The rest, as they say, is to be determined, depending on viewer reception!

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