Crypto Bull Run Forecast for Q3 & Q4 : Here’s What Traders Can Expect

As the second half of 2023 progresses, the price of Bitcoin has made an unexpected surge, now sitting at the remarkable $31,200 mark. Despite various challenges during 2022, this crypto asset managed to rally and reach the significant number, demonstrating its remarkable resilience in attracting investment. Noteworthy is that, in June, giants such as BlackRock, Valkyrie, Fidelity, Bitwise, Invesco, and WisdomTree have filed for ETFs, prompting speculation among the trader community. Still, things have come to a standstill as BlackRock made a different agreement with Coinbase regarding their ETF. Analysts say that the resulting sentiment of the crypto asset prices heavily relies on the SEC’s response, while they suggest we might see volatility before a bull run at the end of the year. On

its part,crypto analyst Adrian Zdunczyk has suggested slow movement in the crypto market before that happens. Coinpedia surmises that breaking through local resistance levels would take Bitcoin past $33,000 and set even higher targets – provided we accompany the Bitcoin halvening taking place by April 2024. All in all, investors and traders keep a keen eye into developments; studying their fallout and gauging potential consequences for the crypto market.

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