Crypto community reacts to Barbie star saying Bitcoin talk exudes Ken energy

Australian actress Margot Robbie, who is playing the lead in the new Barbie movie, has sparked plenty of conversation within the crypto world recently. Comments attributed to her made during a Fandango interview on June 22, that talking about Bitcoin (BTC) had parallels to the traits of Barbie’s companion, Ken, saw a mix of reactions from the Twitter-verse, including from Michael Saylor of Microstrategy and social media influencers, such as Layah Heilpern. Reacting to her suggestion, by declaring Bitcoin as “Big Ken Energy,” several high-profile figures also weighed in.

Crypto enthusiast Lea Thompson, aka ‘Girl Gone Crypto,’ was gung ho about it- responding with “so bullish” remark to the interview. Separately, Heilpern was of the assumption that this inference was somewhat insulting, speculating that it implies”>male Bitcoin buffs were “weak and pathetic.” Big kenenergy

Dr Mark Traver, Lead Psychologist of Awake Therapy, drew a more reassuring potency from Robbie’s observation. He told Forbes, on July 13, that ken energy denotes somebody who is unselfish as well as adept to fit in various circumstances. “In a universe which revolves around Barbie, Ken has only a supportive role to play, and he plays it gladly”

Adding logarithm to the pot, Robbie noted in the same talkthat ascertaining what doffenses Ken energy like attributes was decidedly subjective. “It is not something you can define; it is just something you can sense.” Her comment was made despite cries that have been heard subject to celebrities promoting crypto by latest times. As lately as July 24, NBA Miami Heat luminary Jimmy Butler put forward an application against being took part of the “$1 billion class action lawsuit” due to him indicating unassessed securities for digital currency exchange

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