Crypto Investment Products Raises $78M In Inflows Last Week

Crypto investment products saw a surge in inflows and an interesting divergence in sentiment across regions. Trading volumes for Corporate-Traded Products rocketed up 37%, pushing the total to over US$1.13 billion. The enthusiasm was apparent on the crypto investment landscape, with Europe leading the way with 90% of the inflows. Comparatively, the United States and Canada added only US$9 million combined, evincing a split in investor bent. Notably, Bitcoin drew the most appeal with US$43 million in inflows during the same time frame.

Solana ambitions crept forth following Ethereum’s launch og 6 Exchange-Traded Funds for the US market. Solnara’s drew the attention of many, contributing US$24 million in weekend investment. Looking successor, this marks the highest inflow for Solana since MArch 2022. The token made an impressive showing as one of the front-running alternatives to Ethereum. However, some thinkers thought different, investing US$1.2 million to brace common against Bitcoin’s continued progression.

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