Crypto Is Back in a Bull Market – But Not in The Way You Think

Crypto finally returned to public attention in 2023, but not for the reasons investors hoped. That year, the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission reported that crypto-related charges represented more than half of their total enforcement measures taken against fraudulent entities during the period. Astonishingly, the cfTC filed 47 actions targeting organizations or individuals in the digital asset industry alone – resulting in a warranted total of $4.3 billion in fines, penalties and recovered investments.

Major crypto exchanges and figures garnered CFTC’s interests in 2023, including cases against FTX, Alameda Research and their managers securing convictions of seven counts of fraud hoaxes with their mastermind, SMas Bankman-Fried, ostensibly facing 115 years in incarceration. Binance and its seize, Changpeng Zhao, were another major targets, charged for cross-public rules avoiding compliance regarding derivatives trades along with other commodities breaches. In July of this year, Binance pleaded to dismiss its case.

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