Crypto Strategist Ali Martinez Says If History Repeats Itself, This Sign Shows XRP Pump is Coming

History tends to repeat its path?”
Data suggests a strong correlation between active XRP addresses and noteworthy changes in the price of the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. According to data from the top blockchain analytics platform Santiment, active XRP addresses jumped quickly, having recently peaked at over 142,000 on June 23 before slowly settling to around 135,000 on June 25. Per historical patterns, this could spell good news for XRP traders, as previous surges in active addresses corgered notable increases in price action. One top analyst in particular, Ali, hinted at such a potential price rally via media, noting “…XRP price tends to surge when active addresses on the crypto network record an increase…” drawing attention to the correlation between XRP address activity and its value. The previous dramatic change in address activity on newly recorded Jan 6, Jan 7 and 11 of 2020, coincide questionably close with a near +20% jump in XRP’s value just five weeks later.
In a recent tweet Ali rhetorically asked “History tends to repeat its path?”, accompanied by a notable uptick in active addresses from 142,000 to 144,000 that very day on the XRP network, prompting anticipation for future price adjustments. Moreover, with XRP currently trading at $0.4799 and down by 1.17% over the past 24 hours<strong$, a dramatic surge of the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is very much not out of the question!

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