Crypto trading on Robinhood surges 75% amid bitcoin hype while stock activity goes flat

The astounding jump in cryptocurrencies trading volumes on Robinhood last November sent ripples throughout the investment world. According to a regulatory filing by the investment platform, notional trading of crypto soared an unprecedented 75% higher from October’s levels, in stark contrast to surging demand for equity and options which conventionally did not change dramatically. This monumental upsurge occurred with Seminal’s value surging a staggering 30% in that same month, and subsequently experienced even further outstanding gains this year, crossing an incredible value of $44,000 in April of 2022.

Tenev, Robinhood CEO perceives this surge of attention of trading cryptos persevering and rising, attributable not only to thriving asset prices, but to SEC slamming their feet on market malpractice in cryptocurrency transactions. Robinhood’s reported 55% downfall in crypto revenues last quarter shifted gears sharply on the prospects of users now focused ardently on crypto investment. The Second hasamarkeably extracted capitalflow expected to spark from bitcoin spot ETF’s and prepares retail and professional traders alike.

Paradoxically, not only Penny tokens rejoiced in the acclaim with altcoins such as Soluna, Livepeer, and Chainlink tokens reportedly motivating Greyscale fundspreimum trading. incidentally, equity markets equally appreciated mounting that same month while the S&P 500 energetically clambered around 9%. Allegedly seeded through Federal Reserve halting rate hikes insulin…. Such sensational progress has analysts tip the scales extrapolating bitcoin prices braking ceilings reaching a superlative $150,000.

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