Cryptocurrency Celestia Rises More Than 7% In 24 hours

Despite its volatility over the past week, Celestia’s TIA/USD price has leapt up an impressive 7.4% over the past 24 hours to its current price of $13.17. If this trend continues, and should the coin reach the all-time high position of $15.02, this could represent a significant development to investors.

Although it experienced a 6.0% loss over the past week, the trading volume fell just 50.0% which spells an optimistic outlook overall as it still managed to maintain steady traction. This was supported by an increase in its overall circulating supply of the coin, which stands at 145.87 million tokens following a 0.46% increment.

In addition, the coin’s market cap ranking currently stands at #48 at $1.93 billion according to the CoinGecko API, interestingly being of contrast to the coin’s daily price movement.

Its price’s journey has been consistently glimpsed due to its Bollinger Bands which offered insights into its volatility for both its daily and weekly responses–the wider they become, the higher the volatility.

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