Cryptocurrency Lido DAO’s Price Increased More Than 6% Within 24 hours

Over the past 24 hours, Lido DAO has seen its LDO/USD price jump up by 6.3%, bringing it to $2.85. Considering its price (which had been sitting at $2.55) this marks an 11.0% improvement, although it’s unlikely the coin will reach its all-time high of $7.30. Investigations into its level of volatility show increasing movement between prices over the past 24 hoursagainst the background of decreasing When it comes to market cap, LDO is currently standing at #39, with a cap of #2.52 billion. Research into the trading volume has also revealed a 58.0% drop in volume over the last week. The circulating supply for LDO has fallen by 0.15% over the course of the week bringing the total amount of coins down to 890.18 million, amounting to approximately 89.02% of the max initial issuing.

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