Cybersecurity expert backs Sen. Warren’s crypto bill in senate hearing

literally got $400,000 stolen from his wallet

This time it’s US Senator Elizabeth Warren who is focussing her sights on cryptocurrency scams targeting senior citizens in her country. Warren announced these findings during a Senate hearing recently, accounting for a huge 350% increase in crypto investment scams targeting these retirees, resulting in combined losses exceeding an unbelievable $1 billion. Additionally gives her the support of respected cybersecurity specialist STEVE WEISMAN, who -as innocently as connecting ways- speaks at the hearing about how credit card frauds are easier to detect, trace and stop, and what a ‘problem’ arises when contrasting them with digital assets, because prior passing through the usual mixers, the tracing effect of said assets are all but darn-near impossible. Warren later proved to have the backing of up-to nine further senators for the Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act (AML) law, such as the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dick Durbin. On a slightly different note, the blockchain security firm Immunefi recently reported a whopping 153% surge of attacks against crypto and Web3 projects between July–September 2023 in contrast to the same period of the previous year; generating plus–minus $686 million overall. Last but not least, listeners of the post, word on the street is, four very intricate in disguise scams in the crypto-market place actually stand out, so to insure a tighter grip on one’s Crypto-World experience, the Dubai OTC (Over The Counter) trader services provider AQADRIADA, had one of his customers suffering an abject loss after his wallet was without limits RPG’-ed by some shady characters… words 189

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