Deadfellaz Labs (DFZ) Launches “Culture On-Chain” Series in Seoul

from subsequent episodes, with highlight for upcoming items such content and special tech, as well as up-and-coming talents, will be available on the DFZ Laboratories website.

On September 1, DFZ Labs, the infamous force powering the iconic brand, unveiled its latest content series — ”Culture On-Chain”. As explained in a statement shared with nft now, this movement seeks to showcase youthful culture-makers, artists, and creators who rely on blockchain tech for molding everlasting legacies and influencing favorable change to civilization. The first episode of “Culture On-Chain” is anticipated to be taken next week in Seoul, South Korea — transforming into a modern settlement for emerging technological advancements. Appreciative of the state’s steady assistance of safeguarding blockchain, AI, digital developers, and creators, DFZ Labs made a strategic alliance with web3 standing-platform to waive the startup DFZ Squad squad to the setting. Embarked by Betty, DFZ CEO, alongside Rikki Lethal, the Schedule’s topmost of Business Relations at DFZ Labs. Betting on Jisu, 90KG, , JN Silva, Rekstizzy, and Klara Vollstaedt. Intended components comprising Seoul Fashion Week and UPLe are traceable as part of the venture.

Emphasizing the criticality of shifting the WEB3’s perception in the big media as the foremost aim of the program; the DFZ elbows deep into the infusions the forthcoming tech has presented to humanity. Netizens over their period of roam are expected to come close to certain model experiences and engagements, and familiarise with MetaMask’s latest introductions. A video extract of the unfurled squad’s deeds accompanied with accommodating testimonials of items and upcoming accredited expertise will also be displayed on the DFZ Laboratories website, beyond airing of the pilot 13 weeks after the Bengal Seas trip.

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