Diesel Debuts Digital Apparel for Meta Avatars With DressX – Decrypt

Trendy Generation Z favorite Diesel is the latest in a long line of luxury fashion brands to make its foray into the virtual arena in the form of an exclusive collection. Unveiling at the Meta Avatars Store starting today in collaboration with digital fashion maestro DressX, the range hails from the sartorial vision of the brand’s talented Creative Director, Glenn Martens.

The dynamite line-up of looks mirrors the physical line currently stocked at Diesel, with the promise of ten iconic denim garments that typically include jackets, jeans and statement trainers. The idea is to get decked out, take to Instagram Keyboard_arrow_right Messenger Text_fields_alt Icon User Interface for snapshots, pops of style on Facebook or ideas for VR universes in Quest. To mark the virtual launch of the solefilling drop, five looks are being released on September 14th, with a second suite to follow later in the year.

“This association with DressX signals an exhilarating new chapter for the brand Diesel, and magnifies its fixation on weaving technology and transformation into the world of fashion,” said Stefano Rosso, Board Member of OTB Group and CEO of OTB’s metaverse unit BVX.

It makes implicit sense that the brand would be Crossed Swords first involved this release since its NFT projects that kick-started in early 2021,its first labor acquiring virtual turf back far nearer. One such venture is the Diesel touchdown with NFT music hub Public Pressure Chapter on the occasion on the day, USS Enterprise 300 NFTs or Digitally Collectible Tokens were minted across two of the worlds most adept blockchains: Polkadot and Polygon. Each individual pick tones access to a unique performance during the city’s own show stopping fashion week that sandwiches Autumn Grapes Japan Summer separately.

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