DigiDaigaku Genesis NFT: Anime-Inclined NFT Collection

Element on the backbone of Play-to-Own concept, the Ethereum blockchain powers all the activities of the DigiDaigaku Genesis NFT allover the Ethereum blockchain. Launched on 9th August 2022, the collection consists of manga-style female characters and consists of rarest and expensive NFTs such as DigiDaigaku Genesis #1632, Ifrit and DigiDaigaku Genesis #812, Azumi. Also, Adventure Hub powered by DigiDaigaku Genesis offer two blockchain gaming which EmberOrcs & Castways. Also, the project comes with a wide range of Quests with the unlocking of villains & crafting potions. Currently, Totaling 3762 holders with 37.6% unique owners, the DigiDaigaku Genesis NFT’s has a current Total Volume of 3021474 ETH with a market cap of 5.37K ETH & Floor Price of 2.96 ETH. Also, one can purchase or Auction the NFTs from features platforms including OpenSea & DigiDaigaku Genesis & MetaMask to work behind the same. All-in-all, DigiDaigaku Genesis is pushing the boundaries by continuously including new modifications and offering an Ultimate Experience.

The DigiDaigaku Genesis NFT is a collection of 2022 Unique NFT characters developed by famed traditional game designers Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa. Developed using a combination of physical traits, backgrounds, props, and accessories, the NFT was designed to bring anime-inspired characters tochange the way of gaming.

The NFP is an Ethereum blockchain-backed Play-to-Own concept, with free masses and mints giving users the ability to continue participating. Launched on 9 August 2022, the colorful and manga-style female DigiDaigaku Genesis characters have seen great success; the rarest and highest valued ofythe tokens being #1632, ‘Ifrit’, and #812, ‘Azumi’.

Each NFT is able to be used in a variety of quests and especially at DigiDaigaku Genesis’ Adventure Hub, offering two blockchain games – EtherOrcs and Castaways – that require Cryptowallets to access and play. All of the DigiDaigaku Genesis Nfts can bepurchased from numerous extra NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea to make them widely available.

The trading collection amasses an impressive 3762 NFT holders, 37.6% of unique owners, consuming a Total Volume of 3021474 ETH within a market cup of 5.37K ETH as a~Floor Price of 2.96. Prominence the growth in traders and Nft sales already jumping to 20, the holders have awoken their characters to continue along their adventures.

With great organic success, the DigiDaigaku Genesis project is changing the paradigm of blockchain gaming by bringing novel experiences and regular modifications that will let users immerse themselves completely in the DigiDaigaku metaverse.

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