Digital Asset Investment Outflows $9.1 Million Last Week

Despite the constant negative news in the crypto market, digital asset investment outflows were recorded in their 6th consecutive week. Bitcoin investment products dropped $5.9 million while Ethereum products showed pendulum movement in the other direction with an outflow of $2.2 million. Not only that, short selling of Bitcoin investments saw a massive $2.8 million outflow, barely contributing to the already lowly total trading volume of $820 million total. Needless to say, that was much less than the $1.3 billion average rounded up for the year thus far. Short Bitcoin products balanced the standings with a pull of $2.8 million signifying that investors appear to be relinquishing their shorts as noticed earlier in the month.

The magnetized altcoins led the charge, as XRP and brought in $0.66 million and $0.31 million respectively. That couldn’t be more significantly contrasted with Europe on one side where it drew an inflow of $16 million last week and the United States on the other which resolve to take $14.1 million inversely. At the light of current developments in regulation, investors stays steady in their cautious playing field and adjust their portfolios accordingly.

Robert Wilson author
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