Dogecoin Addresses Profitable Despite Slumping Prices: 53% in Green

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Originally born online as a parody of a true cryptocurrency, Dogecoin has seen quite a solid turnout of monetary success stories for some of its extremely early adopters, despite its relatively slumping on-chain metrics. Data gotten from prestigious sites such as CoinMarketCAP has revealed that as of press time, the crypto coin had fallen by 6.8% over a seven-day trading period and an even sharper plunge of 2.5% over the last 24 hours. Astoundingly, a whopping 53.05% of the crypto addresses associated with Dogecoin trace its finances to be in profits, with a total of 2.54 million of such addresses living thus. Further digging into the data unveiled that the accounts not under glass – or, more precisely, don’t have money – hold the largest benefits, with a mouth-watering 2.03 million. The percentage yet to make any bag – meaning, they are not creating any losses or gains and rather break-even – did make up 4% of wallets associated with Dogecoin. Account holders of Doge looking to access fap-resistant reports in exploration of further monetary prospects can create one on DataDash—an online tool offering veracious yet thorough insight into widespread crypto investments and histories.

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