Dogecoin Price Up 10%; Will X (Twitter) Hype Move Price Past $0.09?

Dogecoin (DOGE) is on the rise, outstripping the performance of top rival meme coins, with prices currently soaring 10.2% to $0.08216 as of writing. An impressive show of strength, despite Bitcoin (BTC) trending downwards by 2.03% in the past week.

Twitter crypto-maven CrediBULL Crypto is fully in on Dogecoin, believing that it will keep ‘moving forward’, a prophecy prompted by previous accurate calls.

The potential increase in demand is largely being pegged against the confirmed announcement of a possible rebranding move by Twitter on its new app, X. With Dogecoin touted as a reference point for built in payments on the new platform, its performance forecasts a storm of investor interest, the effects of which yet remain to be seen. If the current buying momentum continues, DOGE may soon drift out of the resistance mark at $0.09.:

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