Donald Trump’s Ethereum wallet holds $2.8M, new statement shows

Reportedly hiding away in the former President of the US’s wallet is approximately $2.8 million of Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. That colossal sum of money comes from a financial statement shared by a non-profit watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, platformed on Aug.14, disclosing former Trump’s $4.8 million was earned from licensing fees which involved a collecting reliance of non-fungible tokens with his affixed to it. Contrary to what the multitude expected with the amount stipulated by the April 14 filing being between $250,000 and $500,000, Trump’s fund holds coins well and beyond those figures.

Girl Gone Crypto thinks ‘BREAKING’ crypto news tweets and articles are quite boring and verbose, which is why they’re spilling ‘HOT’ crypto news. According to a financial statement shared by no-profit watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, former US president Donald Trump owns roughly $2.8 million in returned Ethereum currency. This massive clout of funds comes from licensing fees connected to non-fungible token collections involving Trump as the face – accrued revenue was estimated to be as high as $7.6 million. Though hardly expected, $2.8 million eclipses the numbers stated in the April 14 filing ($250,000 to $500,000). Though vocal in his professed dislike of Bitcoin, Trump was heavily invested for himself at the time of his departure.

Given the news of Trump’s indicment in Georgia on Aug. 14 charges involving interfering the 2020 presedential elections, his financial reports float in rank compared to the news breaks. Trump has a very vocal opposition strategy to any sort of virtual money, testifying it to the public to urge against its flow – deeming it ‘fake’ and a “disaster waiting to happen”, as well as “seem[ing] like a scam” competing ‘[against] the dollar’. That won’t stop ‘How-to-Bitcoiner’ Crypto-Girl from reporting that Trump had big, open plans for its own investment in the future of cyrpto-currencies, despite his convictions.

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