Dropbox Revamps Storage Plans: Addressing Crypto Mining Abuse With 15TB Cap

Dropbox’s recent adjustment to its storage policy has seen a transition to a metered storage approach, offering new users a modest capacity of 15 terabytes. This move has come in light of the inordinate data usage of a few users jungling the system with “thousands of times more storage than our genuine business customers,” creating an imbalance throughout the user base. Similarly, numerous industry giant providers, Dropbox included, have responded in diverse ways to combat the abuse of “unlimited storage privileges” in order to place an emphasis on an “equitable and reliable experience.” Withstanding, it must be noted that genuine storage customers will be held to consideration, when unforeseen legitimate cases may require such extensive allocations – for more than 99% of the users on the Advanced Plan will be protected Province a set threshold of nearly 35TB per license at max, and another 5TB in a pool over five years will be offered supplementally at no additional fees. Isolately, as on September 18th, aspiring warriors can purchase 1TB of add-on storage per month, available either in monthly or annual subscription as per their comforts – costing $10/month or $8/month accordingly.

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