Elon Musk Debunks Rumours to Launch a Crypto Token for X

Elon Musk recently acquired Twitter and is rebranding it to X. This has created confusion in the market, which bound several to believe that there would be investment in cryptocurrencies via the platform. To clear this speculation, X’s CTO has publicly stated that X had no plans of integrating any type of virtual currency. This announcement arrived after ‘DogeDesigner’s tweet, which got a lot of investors surprised who pinned their hopes on the sudden inclusion of certain X crypto projects, such as TwitterDAO. DogeDesigner warns users to stay cautious of suspicious activities where a user could befriend and name their crypto project similar to a popular firm to build trust of the potential customer, specifically suggesting the scam is related to X cryptic currency rumors. This statement justified the view that no support, official statement or solution has been declared regarding cryptocurrencies on the altered X platform. Still, some surveys confirm that there is a great value of X cryptocurrency, with the latest one costing $2 per $1. Just prior to a prospective July switch into X, speculation aboutintegrating virtual currency as part of the compensation is making headlines again. However, linked hasquickly reminded us of speculation which was illustrated in Linda’spursuant decision, who opposed the opinion on this ground after examining ideas – such as real-time/stock exchangedata. Studying Musk reveals his vision on the X app is aligning with other Chinese apps such as WeChat.

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