ETFs in 2024: Bitcoin funds and active bond plays are potential winners in the year ahead


The end of the year rally in stocks and bonds has presented investors with an opportunity to look again at their portfolios at a time when the ETF industry is producing new offerings, particularly in active fixed income and, potentially, cryptocurrency realms. The best performing ETFs for any given year naturally stem from broad market activity, so investors should consider not only how well a fund might perform in different markets, but also how directing funds there changes the overall portfolio. 2023’s largely unequal rally with tech stocks swiftly taking over the lions share in the S&P500 suggest that buying an ETF market cap index, or a sector fund portfolio, is really caveat emptor lads and lassies- stacking their rolls with industry giants such as Nvidia and Meta Platforms – coming with the caveat of potential pain should the tech stock windaraoh in 2024. Even Pro Shares head of investment strategy Simeon Hyman stated about the matter as such in the firm’s 2024 surreal examination: “The tech sector risks arrives in multiple forms: expectations, whether expectations are worth stocks in 2023, and portfolio concentration risk- with the holy trinity of Apple + Microsoft +Nvidia simply dominating the tech sergeant in market shape and form. Ben Campbell.

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