ETH/BTC Trading Pair Rate Falls To 14-month Low

Ethereum’s value in Bitcoin has taken a considerable plunge, hitting a 14-month low of 0.0594 at 17:24 UTC on September 21st. Although it has painfully managed to inch itself back to 0.096 as of lately, the Coinbase pair still records a 0.5% decrease in the past 24 hours. Measuring the performance of Ethereum against Bitcoin has been serving as the key tool to fathom cryptocurrencies’ relative exchange rates. Comparing these two Crypto main giants reveals Bitcoin’s pre-eminent position taking into account its high market cap; And with an increasing number of cryptocurrency investors selling off their Eth holdings to crypto exchanges, undesired further losses in ETH/BTC rate are feared. Plus, given that Ethereum’s USD,ssssprice has surged by 36.15% beneath the inexplicable 64.86% worth of Bitcoin’s since the beginning of 2021,engineers see this improvement flaw as Bitcoin is becoming increasingly expressions as the leader among cryptocurrencies.

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