Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Transfers $6M Worth Of ETH In A Month — What’s Happening?

Vitalik Buterin, the influential creator who co-founded Ethereum’s ETH/USD, made waves on Monday when he transfered 3,000 ETH in digital assets, worthy of approx. $4.9 million, to an undisclosed address recipients. As revealed by Etherscan data, this allocation tripled the total value of ETH held in the wallet up to 3,018 ETH tethered with a value of roughly $5 million. Buterin also has a long practice of disposing of tokens discovered through unplanned altcoin airdrops and selling his ETH holdings over the last five years, although his exact purpose of these recent transactions still await cause.

A potential explanation hypothesizes that Buterin is securely managing his pieces byes potentially spreading funds to a miscellany of wallets. This is considered a move to guard against any jeopardy for his funds from being hacked or stolen. His continuously shifting ETH all shows a greater alignment with an established activist of presciently venom the crypto changes and had accurately predicted a market-defying reversal.

Once a cosmic 600 ETH transaction was transfered to crypto exchange platform Coinbase and the current Ethereum Buterin owned address holds around 73 ETH valued at around $119,865 in series events making across approximately $6 million value of ETH moved over a month evolutionary bounds.

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