EU Tells TikTok To ‘Spare No Effort’ To Fight Disinformation

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The news from the European Union is that tech enforcer Thierry Breton told the CEO of TikTok to “spare no effort” for countering disinformation. Breton acknowledged the measures of content rang modifications and investments in trust and safety done by the Chinese-based video sharing platform.

The European Commission took measurements regarding the activity of the platform to be compliant with the DSA, following an extensive focus for exploration. For protection, Breton requested more cooperation in order to underwrite the welfare of citizens and especially teenagers from illegal script and disinformation.

TikTok VP of Public Procedure in Europe, Theodore Bertram remarked positively on his recognition with the interaction between CEO Issac Chew abd Breton. Vice Preisdent Caroline Greer also recorded satisfaction in the progress and engagement developed by the Commission on the DSA,

Tam updated notions will be discussed between the European Commission and CEO Che during a meetingo n Tuesday in Brussels. Matters to address includes Topics of data defense and new Parisian lawus regulating Big Tech power.

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