Expert Predicts Judge Will Deem XRP a Non-Security. Here are His Reasons

Excitement is brimming amongst the XRP collective as they await Judge Analisa Torres’ impending ruling on whether or not sales of XRP tokens on exchanges are liable to be classified as securities. During the hearing, esteemed lawyer Ashley Prosper expressed conviction that the assets operated as efficiently and independently of Ripple’s corporation and that no conflicting contracts of purchase existed.

Furthermore, the barrister noted the importance of the over three-thousand affidavits provided by XRP advocates, some establishing real-world use cases for the sixth-largest cryptocurrency which render it off-limits from the definition of security.

Moreover, the SEC vs. LBRY judgement has provided a spark of hope for XRP enthusiasts who pin their faith that Judge Torres will understand to address the intrinsic factor of Ripple’s invocation of XRP’s security status, at least in part. Nevertheless, everybody anticipates the consequences that will levy upon the outcome, altering the crypto world and doubtlessly shaping the paths of the XRP token initiators and holders alike.

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