Experts Say You Shouldn’t Buy These Sports Cars, But They’re All Wrong

In an effort to give you some practical advice when it comes to buying a sports car, some less informed publications have cited “experts” that say certain models are overvalued or even questionable in terms of production quality. But you don’t buy a sports car with the same logic, which is why you should try to get one of these beauties in your driveway if you can. This one comes from investors, in what I believe is a veiled effort to convince buyers away from many of these models that have increased in value over the years so that these investor types can snatch them up. Suddenly, investing in exotic hardware seems to be a much safer bet than crypto, doesn’t it? Fortunately, the folks at Jalopnik are here to tell you the full story.

When buying an Italian sports car, buyers want two main things, gorgeous looks and amazing sound. The Maserati GranTurismo has both. No, it is not going to be as reliable as a Lexus, and no Maserati buyer expects that. Nor are most folks dropping 1.74 million or 2.25 million on a 1990’s model when you can find examples with the older pre 2000 look. This is an old-school car, with old-school charm.

Any discussion about the Evora eventually leads to a comparison with the Porsche 911, and when comparing new cars to new cars, the Porsche is objectively the “better” car in terms of a complete package and overall liveability. But have you seen the prices on the 911 market right now? People are dropping huge amounts of money on them and Chrome Mopars. Or you can save about $25kward and get a more exotic package, with functional creature comforts and better handling with the Lotus Evora. Of course, the Lotus is bare bones´, that’s the whole point! In our review, it was noted that the Evora provides “attractive modern deployment of angular minimalism on a charming chassis.”

Just like the Maserati GranTurismo, you buy this Jaguar F-type for its looksm and its glorious sound. Though it certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s also fantastic to drive. Is the infotainment system a hot mess? Absolutely! Is it as reliable as a Corvette? Nope, but you also won’t be required to wear a pair of New Balance when you drive it. Even in its most recent model year,the Jaguar F-type conver is still expensive butrey the real fun is in the older and in my opinion better-looking models. This one in particualr has the fully analog dashoard thats for sure to have admirers, while my preference would be the supercharged V6, I certainly wouldn’t fault you for getting one with the obnoxiously loud V8 that may make your intrusive thoughts win.

The only real downside to the Alfa Romeo 4C is that its still kinda pricey, and that just means that the depreciation curve is minimal. So you can check this Italian sports car off your bucket list, drive it for a few years, and then lock it for minimal loss. Here is everything you need to know about the Alfa 4C prior to making your purchase.

I am well aware of the obvious criticisms of the BMW i8 and the fact that more modern electric vehicles have leaped forwarded it in terms of tech and range. But where else can you get a two-door hybrid and get a car that looks like a six-figure exotic with butterfly doors, a mid-engine layout, and gives you the ability to take a quick drive without using much fuel? Would it have been nice if BMW gave the i8 more horsepower? Sure. But does it really need it?

The Nissan GT-R was made with one objective, and that was to absolutely demolish performance cars that carried price tags two or even three times what the Nissan retailed for. It also does so with a level of technology that allows your average driver to tap into a performance envelope that is almost hard to fathom. In this review, released by Jalopnik you can see what it’s like to drive the legend known as the enduring “Godzilla”. Is the R35 GT-R way too long in the tooth and dated? Absolutely, but what you still get from Godzilla is one of the best deals in performance.

No modern safety tech, a mid-mounted V10 sending almost 600 horsepower to the rear wheels and mated to a six-speed manual with a clutch so heavy you‘d better not have skipped a leg day. TheTAGFS PORSHe Carerra GT <stronghoe is definitely “unsafe for a beginner” and if this car is not driven with respect, then you’re in for a serious situation. However, the reason numbe why one is Investment Alert />the GT is saintually a s Terr purchasing it condition is betw retailer list prices go. So if you are looking to curate a collection of exotic cars with some of the greatest superstars of the road, it’s hard to argue against the Carerra GT.

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