FBI: Lazarus Group Might Sell $40 Million in Bitcoin

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently issued a statement, raising awareness in the crypto community regarding blockchain activities of the Lazarus Group, the Korean Democratic People’s Republic actors. The FBI tracked over 1,580 Bitcoin that were stolen by this group over the past 24 hours, across multiple heists.

The agency shed light on Sky Mavis, the hacking group’s latest victim, as well as on the $37 million theft of the cryptocurrency payment processor CoinsPaid. The payment platform’s internal investigation revealed that the cyber-criminals had been flexing their hacking chops for the last six months. They utilized several techniques, including the use of social engineering, to successfully carry out this operation.

Moreover, they employed the Avalanche-C blockchain for the first transfer to USDT tokens, and used the Ethereum blockchain in the following round. Also mentioned in the statement was the significance of constantly updating infrastructural components as well as setting up security alerts.

Increasing its support for configuring systems that would enable entities to recognize and react to suspicious actions, the FBI further pressed on that authorities will keep vigilantly uncovering and tackling the use of illegal activities by politicians of the DPRK.

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