Fight Me: Everything we know about the upcoming NFT-based browser game

Adding a brand new experience to biting cold sodas and fizzy energy drinks, Fight Me takes you into an intense fight, aiming for a bottle of ‘Boost Cola’. As the sip can miraculously type you up with beyond-worldly faculties, people will go to a great extent just to get their hands on one of these. Developed by the Cyprus-developmentate studio Nekki, renowned for their success with ‘Vector’ and ‘Shadow Fight’, this time Fight Me concocted together ingeniously comined Emerald-2.0 with Emerald-3.0, and encased this stunning mixture within an NFT pack for people to explore.

By sjipping off complex cryptocurrency protocols, people can trade their fighters with common currency. Plus, this amazing game also ushers you into its extraodinary plot which runs through the mechanism and legacy af the makers of Boost Cola – coming in addition to fabulously fabricated character looksalong with animated effects to build a artefice of harmony for this NFT. Clearly, this time There’s something new for everyone: so if you’ve got your interest aroused, enter the website on 15.12 to get your share of saorsoon-to-be proceedig presales and get hold of your own copy of Fight Me, releasing in summer 2024.

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