Flipster Debuts ‘The Dragon’s Treasure’ Trading Competition Series with 1 million USDT worth of prizes


Flipster, the fast-growing crypto trading platform, has released its final campaign series of the year. Titled The Dragon’s Treasure, this campaign consists of nine trading competitions over seven weeks with up to 1 million USDT worth of prizes.

Huge incentives were also set up to attract new users to Flipster who can earn up to 175 USDT worth of bonuses (at the time of writing). The story of each chapter in the campaign was inspired by the pop culture of the platform’s target demographic, sworn to ridicule and boost the crypto trading experience.

Every weekly challenge is linked to an overarching narrative of the seven chapters. The Flipster team specially tailors the characters, mythologies and chosen worlds from different markets in order to provide a imaginative exercise for traders. Chapter One: The Lucky Bear launched on 13th November 2020 to give users the chance to win a share of 25,000 USDT.

The excitement and momentum builds each week as the character and prizes continuously increase, with Chapter Five: A Charming Elephant (scheduled to conclude on 17th December 2020) offering a grand prize of 111,000USD.

Despite the struggle borne upon this year from the high-profile dramas stated in the news and the majority-bear market, Flipster grew a user base of 500+ monthly users, making it the top rising crypto exchange in the world. Accompanied with the rapid growth of user envelopment, 4000%+ trading volume was achieved in order to make this bullish whispers from some of the crypto’s giants.

As the mysterious and bountiful campaign is nearly wrapping u, The Dragon’s Treasure is last year 5,000 USD was given-out, the finale trading competitions will be awarding a recordn prize. Users all over the world can”t wait to join in and get their fair share of crypto trading prizes, potentially turning it into one happy new year on Flipster anti-liquidity exchange.

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