French Regulators to Investigate Worldcoin for Data Privacy

As time passes, Worldcoin is becoming clouded by more controversy. As a consequence, it is reported to be under scrutiny by the French authorities, due to questions concerning their data collection practices. Specifically, the testing and utilization of iris-scanning technology has earned harsh criticism. Consequently, the National Commission of Informatics and Liberty’s official CNIL agency is now attempting to gauge the veracity of Worldcoin operations, just as they have teamed up with the German government to act as a primary regulator for the entire European region. Evidently, Worldcoin is similarly ruffling plenty of feathers in the United Kingdom. Surmounting this rather complex barrier, the Worldcoin Foundation has publicly revealed their data compliance, reiterating their enduring efforts. Specifically, this includes having discharged the obligations and adherence required by General Data Protection of 1995, as managed through the State Office for Data Protection Supervision of Bavaria. There were reports of positive reception from personalities such as Ethereum’s own Vitalik Buterin, as well as heightened popularity shortly after its introduction to the noteworthy listing of exchanges. Notably, it continues climbing, especially with its All-Time High set on the 27th according to Etherscan.

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