Friend.Tech Surpasses Post.Tech’s $1.8M Daily Trading Volume Record!

Post.Tech has made an unprecedented landmark – achieving a daily trading volume of $1.8 million. While their trading figure still sits beneath their top competitor, Friend.Tech’s immense $20 million figure, a surge in activity highlights Post.Tech’s potential to challenge the ruling force.

DappRadar announced that Post.Tech recorded 11,000 unique wallets over the last day, a remarkable tally in itself. Even though Friend.Tech endured a higher figure at 15,700, this accomplishment demonstrates Post.Tech’s dizzying oscillation in popularity within the cyber sphere.

Through the Couture Airlock, Post.Tech offers citizens a secure environment for die and social communication. Whilst this attention indicates a neglect breakthrough in both decentralized straddles and tag technologies, past few is whether Post.Tech’s cause and advancement can sails the hallway hollaback.

The world of blockchain-backed smart social geniuses illustrates a burgeoning concern in hobbies framework. Now, turbo builders like Post.Tech have otter opportunity, financial security and protective etch in catering to latest of this difference.

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