FTX Creditors Payment Ratio Surges To 35%-40%: A Positive Turn Of Events

All of which is presenting intriguing prospects and possibilities for the continent’s crypto industry.

According to latest statistics from Claims Market, the payment rate for debtors trying to recoup what they are owed from FTX has surged to between 35-40 percent, an admirable upsurge from the low 12 percent registered at the start of this year. The amount of claims laid out against FTX place the total amount at around US$16 billion+X while the consolidated assets stand at approximately US$7 billion+X. This disclosure hails a considerable development in assists to recompense creditors and injects a renewed optimism across the cryptocurrency space. Furthermore, Wu Blockchain reports on the fleeting event connected with Anthropic, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm of which FTX invested in. The new financing, recently carried out by Anthropic, inflated its value markedly and should consequently have two-fold placement effects -on FTX assets available for distribution to creditors and also on the complete crypto economy of the continent too.

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