Gemini Vs Genesis: Winklevoss Pens Explosive Open Letter with a $1.465 Billion Ultimatum

Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder of the [company], has expressed his ire and issued ultimatums in an acrimonious open letter to Barry Silbert, the head of Digital Currency Group (DCG) and Genesis.

Due to Ripple’s holdings worth $1.2 billion being held at stake, as well as outstretching Silbert’s patience by putting Riley’s demand of $1.465 billion with a strict July 6th cutoff by 4pm EST on the table, reconciliation of the once-spoken friends now carries the grim prospect of a full-fledged court battle.

In the fiercely-worded open letter, Winklevoss accuses Silbert of playing the long game in the mediation process by intentionally misinforming creditors, Earn platform users, and diluting responsibility against losses imposed by the three arrows firm’s hapture in May 2022.

But contrary to Winklevoss’s optimistic proposal, the billionaire entrepreneur believed the only “Barry’s real intention is to take the bickering on to the court, entangling in what may likely be a prolonged and protracted war of attrition over the viability of the promissory note.”

Moreover, Winklevoss suspects that with a looming second default and avaster about to sneak up due to DCG’s failure to cough-up the whopping $630 million loan by late May 2023, Silbert might be feigning nonparticipation during mediation – basically drying out the proceedings – to cash into extra-time renegotiate the protracted debts in.

Adding reasons to fear for Silbert, LumidaWealth head Ram Ahluwalia conveyed hesitation in meek acceptance prospects. Especially considering a long list of corporate whosomever is latching onto the issue, laying hefty claims upto $Billions from DCG’s cookie jar.

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