Give ChatGPT a Run for its Money

Have you ever wanted the opportunity to tap into a cutting-edge AI system specifically designed for stock picking ? If so, your opportunity is here. An advanced chatbot-like platform trained to capture 450%-plus gains from stock market winners, Prometheus , is available beginning Sept. 12 at 7 pm Eastern. The platform leverages more than 50 technical and fundamental factors to tailor AI models for every applicable stock in the market to identify those about to experience breakout performance.

We’ve seen proof that our Prometheus platform works time and again – in January 2022, Prometheus had the probability that Vertex Energy (VTNR) would achieve a big breakout. Sure enough, in a few short months, the stock shot up 300%. ; While back in March 2022 the AI mistakenly identified RCM Technologies(RCMT) with an 80% chance to post huge returns – which came to fruition and left the stock boasting a surge greater than 250%.

Back then, NewsBTC used Prometheus to Sara pick stocks and Crypto in June and saw returns 10% in a month. And we ourselves at InvestorPlace tracked auxiliary2 ChatGPT stock picks over a two month range, which rose over 7%. If gaining huge returns at limited risk sounds appealing, be sure to secure a spot in the big launch on Sept. 12 at 7 PM ( Eastern ) : an open invitation to turn the power of AI into personal advantage – your ultimate resource for wealth-seeking.

Robert Wilson author
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