Google Cloud Taps Into Voltage To Offer Bitcoin $BTC Services

The agreement will enable Google Cloud, a $225-billion data and cloud service, to offer Bitcoin-related services across the globe while assisting Voltage’s ambitions to expand worldwide. Voltage CEO, Graham Krizek, revealed that the infrastructure provider will provide Bitcoin or Lightning integration for companies searching for these services through Google. The deal has raised considerable social media attention surrounding it, additionally signifying Google’s revised support for the untold potential that BTC can provide. This heightened focus is conspicuously not isolated amongst Google, but echoed throughout the entire industry.

Christopher Calicott, managing director of venture capital firm Tramell Venture Partners, mused that any company connected to payments, “would ignore Lightning at their own peril”. This gain in interest has been remarkably clear in regards to Google’s fascination relating to blockchain technology, Bitcoin, and investment companies since late 2020, in particular with the associates of Google Ventures (GV).

Voltage was one of the fortunate recipients of kind GV interest, welcomed into a generous $6-million seed round in early 2021. This incredible financial backing is widely viewed as a signal of Bitcoin and Lighting technology enlarging recognition within huge business organizations. Calicott stated that significant types of and investment from organizations convey a new strategy for the technology, adding importance to the Bitcoin and Lightning narrative. Krizek agreed, raising the notion that the partnership represented a keen focus of larger corporations such as Google, towards blockchain, BTC, and linked areas.

Google Cloud’s collaboration with Voltage is testament of Bitcoin and Lighting projects strengths, as companies struggle to keep up with the rising corporate recognition and contributing in the said categories. Also Apple, putting the damper on Lightning advocating operations like the decentralized social media protocol Damus by canceling distribution, isn’t restraining the spread of the technology. Two of the highly influential cryptocurrency exchange businesses, and , initially showed a big financial vote of confidence for Lightning by recently declaring to fund the mentioned integrations.

Google Cloud’s agreement with Voltage signifies a crucial attempt to push forth Bitcoin and Lighting technologies within affluent companies. With the accelerating institutional enthusiasm in these areas, expectations have noticeably increased for further amended services alongside amplified initiatives in BTC and blockchain awareness and education.

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