Hashed Leads $4.7M Seed Round for Web3 Gaming Studio Delabs Games

Delabs Games recently raised $4.7 million in seed funding from Hashed and other investors to “accelerate the development of free-to-play games tailored for web2 gamers with no knowledge of crypto, wallets or tokens”. Investments also flowed from Polygon, Planetarium, Spartan and Merit Circle. To boost traction, Delabs cracked open its summer release with its flagship Dream Racing Stars tournament system which includes polls, bug hunts and campfires, up and running March 31st to Aug 7th.

Delabs fortifying know-how and experience is headed up be a general line manager, 2 lead directors and a project director — Choi Beongryang and Cho YongTao for Kong Space Frontier, and Daeseok Son for Metabolts.

Leading the helm is Joonmo Kwon, founder and President, with an impressive list of credits for developer throughout companies such as Nexon, Disney’s ZIPI Racing, and more. CEO Kwon believes that Web Three’s roads to success are glimpsed entering the gaming industry.

Comparing Web two knowledge and Delabs approach towards free-to-play games, the winds that are beginning to stir a new leveled nature of compatibility altogether. Stick with us to stay current on the developments and rankings of Delabs.

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