HashKey Capital Ventures into a High-Stakes Digital Asset Investment

Hong Kong’s financial titan, HashKey Capital, has recently made headlines with their groundbreaking plan that is set to launch on September 1. Set to become a fully-regulated liquid digital assets fund, they have set an astonishing $100 million investment goal. The imminent launch comes in tandem with the reimprisonment of Hong Kong as a world-wide center for cryptocurrency. Moreover, the upcoming endeavoure builds on the momentum that follows HashKey’s FinTech Investment Fund III – which concluded with HashKey Capital fund infini photoa relentless $500 million in committed capitol. Bloomberg has reported an even higher estimation of this intial fundraising procedure setting $100 to $200 million at an impressive $1 billion valuation.

Given its optimized digital asset regulatory structure, HashKey is right on point to capitalize on the cryptocurrency boom witnessed in Hong Kong. Their swift approach to diving in on the equities market open up exciting possibilities for avid investors willing to get involved and risk the volatile but alluring crypto-market. Backed by an uber-rigorous regulatory setting and a reputation emblemat=ized through their well-closure FinTech Investment Fund, HashKey Capital doubtless has adjusted their sails for an exciting voyage into the crypto-ocean of opportunities.

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