HashKey’s $100 Million Crypto Fund to Focus on Non-Bitcoin Assets

Hong Kong-based financial service firm HashKey‘s $100 million digital asset fund is set to significantly invest in altcoins, while only less than half of its holdings will be in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Revealing the reason for this move, the company’s Portfolio Manager, Jupiter Zheng, said that the fund’s goal is to outperform the industry market leader, Bitcoin. The entity intends to draw on its crypto venture investment experience to ensure that proper allocations to altcoins are made.

Zheng has recently revealed that part of the fund’s investment will the form of cash, as well. High-net-worth individuals and investment firms catering to Asian families have already been allured, stated the Manager, as HashKey has acquired over $1 billion in assets under management. The company announced an aspiration to raise $100 million within a 12-month timeframe to solely invest in crypto and digital assets.

Linking the申情况 to the investment decision, Jupiter Zheng explained that decreasing values of the Hang Seng Index is making investors less confident with traditional stocks and increasingly looking for ways to diversifying their funds – this is where HashKey comes in. Seeing the bottom in crypto asset prices and the consequent rise in liquidities in the system, the financial entity is ensuring that investors Score ‘Alpha’ returns in cryptocurrency, by mostly investing in non-Bitcoin and Ethereum assets, deviating from the institutional investor’s behavior. The success of its decision, however, will be determined by the success only later.

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