Highlights from the Ripple and XRP Victory Party

stating that no major announcement was what attendees should expect. In a nutshell, the celebration was enough to go out of the ordines of Ripple and XRPs

A memorable and victorious event, Ripple’s “Proper Party” ended, leaving meaningful memories from the XRP community members who attended. This remarkable achivement felt special as the arduous journey towards the concluded verdict of treating XRP as a digital asset had lasted for nearly three years since December 2021. CEO Brad Garlinghouse remarked his condolences on those devoted XRP community members worldwide, and addressed his leading team from Ripple – co-founder Stuart Alderoty, Deborah McCrimmon, and the well versed legal dragons, Anna Gargano & Deputy General Counsel Sameer Dhond. Not forgetting the cryptocurrency specialist, CTO David Schwartz was acclaimed swiftly, while sharing his Goliath was no match for his time in deterring the filed lawsuit unfounded. Special accolades was admitted to theofficianattorneys _Jeremy Hogan_, James K. Filan, and partnerst from LaLa McMaster & Olivier Kolmel. Moreover, entertainments from Rock Legend Lenny Kravitz added to the euphoria, commencing the deep sense of unity, flourance, resilience and ultimately, another victory in achieving victory this endeavour within the XRP community.

From the conventional preconcepation of news announcement- a possible settlement with SEC, IPO or partnership aheadof the party,Poopular Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse setbeyes on reality through Twitter , specifying thatimmertion and emotion at of the event, apperciively,shall only be the memorable statement to celebrate.

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