Hive Digital Technologies Acquires New Data Center in Sweden

In a report released by the rapidly-growing firm in Canada, Hive Digital Technologies, confirmation was made of their plan to acquire Turis AB, a data center based in Sweden. With the property transfer agreement expected to be finalised soon, Hive will have total control of the Boden-based center.

Created originally to serve the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and development program, this particular data center was assessed as being oddly convenient for the purpose of Hive’s production growth. With this in mind, investment is being made to modernise the facility to match the mining company’s standards.

At the helm of Hive Technologies Sweden, Johanna Thornblad confidently stated that following the purchase, fertile ground is being laid for expanding Hive’s market influence and attaining its Environmental, Social, and Corporate (ESG) objectives. Additionally, it was underlined that this would, among other aims, bolster the green energy production initiatives in response to the carbon emission safety goals of the twenty-first century.

Rebranding was an integral self-motivation factor for Hive as the organisation venture to carve out reliable remuneration grounds in dimensions aside from mere mining services, ushering forth possibilities in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and graphics processing units (GPUs). This June marks the commencement of their partnership with the Chamber of Digital Commerce for the purpose of instituting a digital power network (DPN) explicitly tailored to advance miners.

Released alongside the announcements made by the president Thornbad and CEO Aydin Kilic was the explorer’s enthusiastic approval of the coinciding usage of industrialized technologies in mining today. Her Kilic enthused that Hive would not see stagnation anytime soon and secures further development preservation of the cavern ahead.

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