Hong Kong Arrest A Celebrity In JPEX Controversial Crypto Exchange Investigation

The arrest of

Lam Zuo

, a prominent Hong Kong internet celebrity, has been made following an investigation into the activities of JPEX by both local and international authorities. Press Release by the Hong Kong Commissioner of Police, Siu Chak-yi has revealed that the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) had alerted the commercial and crime investigation bureau of suspect fraudulent activity by the exchange. numerous reports now relate to JPEX, with an approximate value of HK$34 million, confirming the growing fear of potential scams. As of yet, no entity within the JPEX Group has recieved a license from the

Financial Services and Treasury Bureau

Hong Kong, amplifying the complexity of policework in the case.

The public remains in an important role, regarding the provision of information and reporting of significant incidents, with a set hotline available to denote relevant issues related to the case. Still with investigations ongoing, further details surrounding the specifics of Lam Zuo’s arrest and the profile of JPEX’s alleged scams will emerge as authorities progress in this venture.

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